i have an 11yr old black shetland pony gelding who needs a small rider for winter due to the fact i'm too big to ride him. very energetic but behaves well.

will jump anything you want him too - Square bales, poles, logs, water, ditches, tires... you name it he'll jump it! he loves to run and enjoys work. i'm NOT selling him just looking for someone to ride him for the winter. he was rode by a 4 year old boy with no horse experience all summer and he acted like a gentleman. i took him to the bruce mines fair and gave rides to kids.

if interested please e-mail with any questions. we are located in Iron Bridge, Ontario... about an hour out of the sault. perfect for a young horse crazy boy or girl who wants to ride often. i would charge $40 a month, $50 if you'd like me to teach basic riding to the child in question. it's $40 no matter how often you'd like to ride during the month.